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At Holte Sixth Form we are committed to educating the whole student, providing them with key stills that can be used throughout life. During their time with us they will have the opportunity to lead, coordinate and develop a society that they have an interest in. The types of societies include; sport, debate, music and many more. This will provide students with a wider experience and a stepping stone to life in further education.

Duke of Edinburgh

You can achieve your Duke of Edinburgh with our Sixth Form up to Silver level. This will involve going on two expeditions, delivering a presentation and completing an online assessment. In addition, you will have to complete volunteering work in the community or sports clubs (60 hours Bronze, 120 hours Silver).

Extended Project

Our Sixth Form allows students to take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), this allows students to gain a qualification which is the equivalent to half an A-Level. The choice of topic the student bases their project on is a free choice, but they must show that it is academically useful.

Work Experience

We assist our students in obtaining work placements with local companies, allowing them to gain a taster of future careers. We also organise work with our partner schools Lozells and Mayfield, who allow our Sixth formers to gain experience working as Translators, Mentors and Classroom Assistants. We also organise a business project with Midland Heart, with students given an insight into issues businesses face.


A wide array of sports clubs are available for our students to take part in. These include Football, Cricket, Netball and Fitness clubs. There are inter-form competitions in football and netball. The Sixth Form also has teams in Football and Cricket, who compete against other local Sixth Forms. Furthermore, we have a sport society with the main aim of increasing Sixth Form student’s participation in sport.

Holte Sixth Form Student Union: 

We have created a Sixth Form Student Union within the Sixth Form to highlight that our students are at the centre of our education. Students will be given the adequate support and opportunities to be successful in their studies. Students will also be given ample opportunities to have their voice heard, as we believe that “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success”.

Our Mission

Working with students and stakeholders to ensure the Student Voice is the driving force to creating an improved student experience, and enhancing student’s success.

Our Vision

Holte Sixth Form Students' Union – To create a positive learning and enrichment experience that promotes a love of learning.

Core Aims

  • To promote & support Student Success
  • • To enhance the Student Voice across the Sixth Form
  • • To maximise the Student Experience for all

Our Values

Be Fair: Promoting an inclusive environment and offering opportunities for our all students to grow.

Be Responsible: We understand the impact of our actions, and our ability to leave a lasting impression on Holte Sixth Form.

Be Honest: We are there to listen and support, but like a true friend, tell students what they need to know and be honest by giving the right information and where to seek the necessary help and support within the Sixth Form Team.

Be Respectful: Our approach is to listen, to connect and welcome all individuals into our community.

Be Compassionate: We are passionate about our students and we will support them with the aid of our Student Union Reps (Academic, Pupil Support, Communication, Society, Fundraising and Social Affairs.)

Be Ambitious: We are innovative and visionary; we want to push the boundaries of what is possible. We are not afraid to try and we are not afraid to fail.








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