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Parent Partnership                                                                                                        

Parent Partnership Group meetings are held at Holte Visual & Performing Arts college since January 2005. This is in place to enable parents to get a clearer insight into what is being taught at school, also this is a good opportunity to inform parents of their child’s positives and explain any difficulties they may have.

Parent Partnership gives parents the opportunity to express any concerns they may have regarding their child or school; It is aimed to build on the successful relationship between home and school and giving parents an opportunity to share their views on a range of issues and speak to their child’s Year Co-ordinator and Year Manager regarding various issues.

The aim of Parent Partnership is for parents to be able to discuss matters relating to homework and helping their child succeed. These meetings help parents develop a clearer in-depth appraisal of their child’s true strengths and weaknesses and allows them to understand how they can help their child achieve their maximum potential. A range of information is provided to parents at these meetings for example:-

  • Ethos & Attainment Grades
  • Attendance/Punctuality Reports
  • Sleuth
  • Homework Timetable
  • Coursework Deadlines
  • SATs information
  • GCSE Information
  • Additional Booklets
  • Academic Progress & other useful information.

The Home-School Liaison Team are available at the meetings and deliver the above information to parents/carers.


Notices to Parents  


With the Government removing National Curriculum Levels last year, it is now up to schools to choose their own system for tracking pupil progress. Click here for more information. 


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Home-School Liasion Worker: Mrs K. Bhatti & Miss P Choudhury
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