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The completion of homework is an essential part of our pupils’ learning at Holte School. Homework provides the possibility for further study of the work covered in class and is a means of exploring the different aspects of the curriculum in the pupil’s own time, at her or his own pace and at a level appropriate to the ability of each pupil.

Through the completion of different tasks and activities pupils will develop self-reliance, and gain experience in working on their own. They will therefore become more independent, autonomous learners and gain confidence in applying knowledge. The completion of homework provides the possibility of increasing the learning time of our pupils, helping to raise their achievement.

Homework is important in practising and building learning skills which will be useful to our pupils throughout their lives and which will enrich the use of their leisure at all stages. In order that pupils may complete homework in a supportive environment, Holte School provides a Homework Club and Library for the use of pupils at lunchtimes and after school. There are also a number of extra-curricular clubs run by departments, including revision sessions for Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils organised throughout the year.

Homework is set either weekly or fortnightly in most subjects throughout Years 7 to 13. Further details about homework set in specific subject areas can be found in the curriculum area of this website.

Teachers will ask pupils to record each homework task in their planner as it is given, together with the date when it is due to be handed in. It is vital that parents check that their child is using their planners correctly and organise themselves effectively. Form tutors will also check planners at least once a week.

Homework tasks need not always be written and might therefore include:

  • watching a television programme and preparing a report
  • recording an interview with a member of the family/community
  • performing an experiment
  • designing and making a product
  • visiting a local museum and making notes
  • sketching local buildings for a project
  • collecting items for a lesson or display
  • reading to a member of the family/community
  • conducting a survey/opinion poll
  • preparing charts, graphs and presenting information in a variety of ways
  • recording a story or poem
  • going to the library and obtaining a bibliography of resources on a topic being studied in class
  • solving a problem by exploring/investigating different solutions
  • preparing a first draft for a piece of work
  • preparation for a test/examination

We must emphasise that Holte School does not expect parents or carers to help their children to complete their homework. Homework is set to enable children to practice skills learnt in the classroom. However, we find that students benefit when parents take an interest in homework and its timely completion.

If parents or carers have any concerns or questions regarding their child’s homework, please contact your child’s Year Manager or Year Coordinator at the school.

Useful resources

The following resources may be useful in supporting your child in the completion of their homework. The sites on this page have not been approved by the school. They have been listed as a possible source of help for you during the academic year.

Key Stage 3



Key Stage 4



Key Stage 5



We also subscribe to SAM Learning, My Maths and Maths Watch on-line learning support systems. Your child has a password that allows them to revise and study across Maths and a range of different subjects in their own time. This is a valuable method of support!



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