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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)                                                                          

Key Stage 5

The EPQ comprises a single piece of original work, (either a 5,000 word essay or a product) of the pupil's choosing, that shows evidence of planning, preparation and research, reflecting 90 hours of independent study and 30 hours of taught research skills.

It was developed with the intention of strengthening the programmes of study by testing a wider range of skills and to provide a 'tool kit' of skills that better prepares pupils for higher education and employment.

Universities greatly value the EPQ as it is evidence of higher level academic skills and can be a differentiator when offering university places, particularly for competitive courses.  The EPQ is graded A*-E and can be worth up to 70 UCAS points.

Pupils will learn to:

  • Manage – identify, design, plan, and complete a project applying organisational skills and strategies to meet their stated objectives
  • Use resources/research – obtain and select information from a range of sources, analyse data, apply it relevantly, and demonstrate understanding of any appropriate connections and complexities of their topic
  • Develop and realise – use a range of skills, including using new technologies, to solve problems, to take decisions critically, creatively and flexibly, and to achieve their aims
  • Review – evaluate the outcome, including their learning and performance.

At the start of the course pupils will be required to attend study skills session designed to give pupils the skills required to complete the project successfully. This will include planning, research skills, referencing, report writing and presenting to an audience.


There is no final examination for this course. Pupils are assessed on the final product of their project and on the process itself. The qualification will assess the pupil’ ability to manage, develop, record, realise and evaluate their projects.


Each lesson pupils will receive homework that is designed to extend and consolidate their knowledge, this can take a variety of forms including: reading, research, completing or continuing product / project, doing corrections following feedback from the teacher, written work or an extended piece of work to be completed over several weeks.

Resources that will help pupils extend their knowledge – Additional reading, websites, activities




Additional reading will also recommended based on the project title.

Extra-curricular links

Research skills lessons, university library visits and workshops will be offered and organised. 

Pupils will also be expected to undertake activities specific to developing their knowledge of their project title.

Cross-curricular links

Pupils develop their planning, research, analysis, evaluation and presentation skills – an excellent preparation for university level study.

EPQ lends itself well to the development of cross-curricular links as it will require pupils to learn about their chosen subject area from a number of different perspectives.



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