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Frequently Asked Questions


My child is at Primary School. How do I get a place at Holte ?

You will need to complete a Local Authority ‘School Preference’ form before the end of October when your child is in Year 6. The Local Authority will then allocate schools. Priority is given first to children with a Statement of Special Educational Need, second to children in Local Authority Care, third to children with older siblings at Holte and then finally a distance measure will be used to decide the allocation. In 2013-2014 our catchment area measured only 0.7km because of the popularity of the school.


We have just moved into the area. How do I get a place at Holte School ?

You should complete the Local Authority ‘Application for a change of school’ form. This should be sent to Holte so your child can be added to the waiting lists we maintain in school. Priority is given in the same order as above.


What time does the school day start ?

All pupils should be in their form rooms for 8.45am.


What time does the school day end ?

Lessons finish at 3.10pm but a number of clubs and after school activities take place after this. Lists of pupils attending all such clubs and activities are posted on the reception window each night.


Where can I purchase uniform items ?

In the summer holidays there are two uniform selling days held at the school for new parents and those parents wishing to buy new items for the school year ahead. Details of these days will be publicised well in advance. The school does carry a stock of blazers and ties which can be purchased directly from us. Clive Mark is the school’s uniform supplier.


What is the pupil planner ?

All pupils carry an A5 sized planner that contains a wealth of information for both pupils and parents. There are agreements in the planner that we ask pupils and parents to sign and the planner is where your child will record all of their homework. We ask that you sign this each week. If you see yellow stickers in your child’s planner it means they have not completed a piece of homework. If you see a blue sticker it means a teacher has had to issue a detention for your child on that day. The planner is thus an important communication and recording tool and should be well maintained and looked after.


What food is served at lunchtime ?

Pupils have a wide choice of food. They can opt for a hot meal where a rotating menu is in operation which includes a vegetarian option. There are two pasta/jacket potato bars or they can opt for a ‘grab and go’ bag which contains a sandwich, cake and drink. Alternatively, pupils can bring in a packed lunch if they so wish.


How do I keep up to date with the latest news at Holte ?

For major events you will always be contacted by letter. We also utilise our text messaging system widely so please ensure we have your latest mobile phone number. Our website (http://www.holte.bham.sch.uk)  is regularly updated and contains a wealth of information and the school also has a Twitter page (@Holte_School) where successes are celebrated and news reported. A wide range of parental workshops are run by pastoral staff that provide an excellent opportunity to ask about anything you are not sure about.


Can my child go on holiday in term time ?

The school will NOT sanction any term time leave. We believe it is vital that your child is in school and that their education is not interrupted as this can have a damaging effect on their progress. Unauthorised term time leave is also now punishable by a fine from the Local Authority. It is also worth noting that some pupils who have gone abroad have lost their place at the school and have then had to go back on the waiting list to regain their place. With waiting lists being very long many pupils have had to go to other schools to continue their education.


What do I do of my child is going to be absent ?

Please ring the school phone number (0121 566 4370) and follow the option that allows you to report a student absence.


What do I do if I think my child is being bullied ?

Please contact either your child’s Year Manager or Year Co-Ordinator in the first instance to discuss your concerns. Bullying is rare at Hote and pupils know it will not be tolerated.


What do I do if my child has lost a uniform item or they cannot do PE ?

Please use your child’s planner and write a note for their form tutor within the page for that day informing them of the problem. They will be able to advise your child on how to rectify the problem or alert other staff where necessary.







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