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Safeguarding in the Curriculum


The school’s Citizenship/PSHE programme is our main vehicle for delivering safeguarding topics to the pupils. This is delivered on six discrete ‘drop down’ days across the year and through weekly slots in form periods.

We are keen that as many external providers as possible deliver sessions, to ensure that as much expertise as possible is on hand on the ‘drop-down’ days, and some on-going partnerships have been developed as a result.

Across Years 7-13, the following topics are examples of the kinds of issues we cover: cyberbullying, British culture, World cultures, sexual health, British values, immigration, homosexuality, homophobia, healthy relationships, globalisation, free speech, internet safety, drugs/alcohol education, the economy, the rule of law, government, multi-culturalism, human rights, the media, work-related learning, etc.

This programme ensures that our pupils are aware of how to keep themselves safe in a range of situations and have a good understanding of the challenges they face growing up in modern Britain.

To assist in the teaching of these topics, we have worked with organisations such as the Counter Terrorism Unit, Around Midnight, Loudmouth Theatre group, Tapestry Theatre Group, Cambridge University, West Midlands Police, University of Birmingham, St John’s Ambulance, School Nurse team, Gangology, Lighthouse Young People’s Centre and Little Miss Creative.

Taken together with the safeguarding issues that are delivered through departments/subjects (which are recorded via our SMSC audit tool), this curriculum adds up to a powerful whole, which is subject to constant review, adaptation and improvement.

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