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Holte was one of the first schools in Birmingham to see the potential benefits of CPOMS (a ‘Child Protection Online Monitoring System’). This revolutionary software application for monitoring child protection, safeguarding, and a range of other welfare issues, has been of huge benefit in our efforts to ensure that safeguarding at Holte is ‘watertight’.

The CPOMS system allows the Designated Safeguarding Lead and the Deputy DSL quickly, easily and securely to record in one place all of the safeguarding information that the school has on a child. The order in which reports are made about a student (the student’s ‘chronology’) is built automatically and so trends are much easier to spot than if the information had been recorded on several pieces of paper.

All adults in the school can access the system to make a referral, allowing the DSL/Deputy DSL to focus on taking appropriate follow-up action thereafter. All referrals to external agencies such as Children’s Services, CAMHS, the police, the CTU (etc.) are tracked easily and the system alerts us if timescales are not being met.

The information on the system can be interrogated quickly and easily. This also allows for easy reporting to Governors, who have been very impressed with our use of the system.



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