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Holte School – FGB committee structure (to be revised 2 October 2019/FGB)

Finance & Buildings (incorporating Pay)

                                                                             SLT attendance: ……………….

                                                                             Committee Chair:  VACANCY

Mr P Hardy                                                                    Vice Chair:

Mrs T Kraft

Mr J Sohal (Head – advisory in some instances )



Meetings: 18 Sept 2019/19 Nov 2019 – for Appraisal/Pay          

Pupil + Committee

Ms C Hardy                SLT attendance: Andy Oliver

Mr M Heron

Ms M Malik

Mrs S Mirza (Chair)

Mrs T Kraft



Meetings termly: dates to be agreed

                               Aut term – 27 Nov 19 







Ms C Hardy                SLT attendance: Sue Wain

2 x Vacancies                                               Committee Chair pending first meeting

Mr J Sohal - Advisory


Meeting(s): would be considered based on needs with coverage of staffing updates noted in the Head’s Report




Appeals/Pupil Exclusion - Ad Hoc committeeswould be called with need.


All Members of the GB with regard given to declarations of interest, and Associate Members, but with insufficient Members Lozells Primary/Bluecoat Academy Governors would be approached to form a temporary committee.

Each meeting would elect a Chair for that panel.







  • For each committee the quorum for decisions would be 3.

FGB meetings arranged for:

2 Oct

11 Dec

3 Feb 2020

25 Mar

12 May

18 July

  • Associate Members on committees with voting rights.
  • Committee Chairs would be elected at the first meeting in the academic year.


Named Responsibility Governors:  
Safeguarding/Child Protection C Hardy (Chair) 
SEND + LAC  T Kraft
Recruitment (trained) VACANCY – to be completed online NSPCC 
Training/Development Link Gov  VACANCY
Head’s PM    VACANCIES and T Bunting (Assoc.)
External support approved: Jill Saunders (TBC)
Date to be agreed

NOTE: there will be a review of the committees etc at the first FGB meeting this term: 2 October.

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