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COVID-19 information for  Pupils 


1.  How to access the Holte VLE guidance 

   1. Type the following web address into your internet browser (try to use Google Chrome): http://frog.holte.bham.sch.uk/ 

   2. Enter your school username and password. (This is the username and password you use to log into the school computers)

   3. Click on Student Dashboard at the bottom of the screen

   4. Click on Network Drives

   5. Type in your username and password as shown in the example below*. You must type bsf-holte\ before your username:

   *Example: Username: bsf-holte\142662ha

   6. Double click the folder called Extended Learning.

   Please click here for the more instructions.


2.  Examinations 


03/04/2020 - Letter to students 

23/03/2020Cancellation of GCSE, AS and A levels


3.  Additional resources available  


26/04/2020 -  If you do not have internet or computer access at home, we have a range of educational resources at  Holte to help your children. Please email the school on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a resource to borrow and confirm a convenient time for collection. The following books/resources will be available:

KS3 - English, Maths and Science textbooks and booklets.
KS4 - Workbooks covering all subjects

KS5 - Textbooks covering many subjects


20/04/2020 - Oak National Academy

26/03/2020 - Online Learning Platforms


Careers Education, Information and Guidance at Holte School

Careers Leader: Ms Y Sadique

Holte School is committed to improving the life chances of our students and aims to provide a comprehensive programme of Careers Information and Education Guidance.

Careers Education is delivered through a programme of activities to support pupils in making important decisions about the different education and training choices which are available to them.

To support pupils with making these decisions about their progression, and to investigate different careers, students will take part in a variety of activities and events to help them with this. This might include a visit to a university, a conference or workshop, or a presentation from an employer.

Holte is part of the Careers and Enterprise Birmingham Advisory Network. As such we have been matched with an Enterprise Adviser, Katie Danby of HSBC; a dedicated business volunteer who has joined us in a voluntary capacity. She will help us plan forward, by using her connections in the local business community, so that we can meet all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020. CEAIG is a vital part of a successful transition into the world of work. The Careers Education programmed at Holte School is guided by the Gatsby ‘Good Career Guidance report which outlines eight benchmarks as indicators of good career guidance [see below]. The aim is to ensure that students can make choices with confidence and that they can engage proactively in the decisions they make about their future.

Holte School is dedicated to providing independent careers guidance to all pupils in Years 7 – 13.

Key Stage 3:

Students receive information about careers pathways as part of the PSHE/Citizenship Programme.

All students are given access to CASCAID [a careers website] so that they can investigate the careers pathways that are available to them.

All students receive information through aspirational assemblies. Visits to colleges, universities and various companies are also undertaken as well as visits from professional organisations as part of the PSHE/Citizenship programme. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in STEM events such as the ‘BIG Bang’.

To highlight National Careers Week, workshops are run by Job Centre Plus to enable students to learn about different employment sectors, employability skills and to disseminate local labour market information. Students are able to visit local companies and Training centres, to offer advice on future pathways.

During National Apprenticeship and Careers week, all classes take part in research and interactive activities as part of their form time activities.

As part of the Pathways Process students are supported in their choices by a Careers Fair which enables them to make informed choices. They are also given the opportunity to meet with an independent careers adviser.

Year 7 can also visit the Titan Skills and Careers Fair which showcases the careers opportunities available to young people in the local area.

Key Stage 4 & 5:

Year 10 and 11 also receive information about careers pathways as part of the PSHE/Citizenship Programme. All students in Year 10 participate in an Interview Day with professionals from a variety of organisations. Students are also supported with making applications to college and apprenticeships and additionally with CV writing.

All Year 11 pupils receive a 30 minute careers interview and as part of this process an action plan is created. SEND pupils are seen at the end of Year 10 as well as during Year 11. Parents are welcome to meet with the careers adviser if they make a request to the school. Referrals can be made to the Birmingham Careers Service for those students who need further support.

Students also participate in an Employability Programme organised by Job Centre Plus who focus on CV writing and interview preparation as well as organising employer participation and involvement.

All Year 10 students are given an opportunity to visit the Work Skills Live exhibition.

Years 10 and 11 students have assemblies and workshops on Apprenticeships run by Project Ask, as well as Taster visits to local Post 16 colleges for advice on vocational pathways and courses.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 also take part in the BT Skills for Work day which is designed to develop young people and their workplace related skills.

Students in Year 10 are also given the opportunity to participate in UniFest, a programme of University Summer Schools offered by Universities in the West Midlands.

Year 10 & 11 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in the Work Experience programme. Participation is voluntary and students must source their own placements which will be verified by the school.

Year 12 students are also taken on University visits, such as Keble College, Oxford, as part of the PSHE/Citizenship programme and are encouraged to participate in Open Days. They also have the opportunity to visit The Young Professionals Conference in the Autumn Term, which highlights alternative routes for students and preparing them for the working environment when they leave school.

All Year 12 students participate in the Work Experience programme. Students can source their own placements but can also be provided with a place by the school.

Year 13 students who choose not to go to University have regular information sessions on Apprenticeships from Project ASK as well as local companies, such as Bouygues, Barclays and BT.

All students are given additional information through the dissemination of information during form periods most importantly during National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week.

All students have access to a Resource library which can be found in the LRC.

Additional information about careers can be found on the National Careers Service website: www.nationalcareerservice.org.

Useful websites:

Holte School Curriculum Intent                                                                                           



Holte School is dedicated to creating a community that is characterised by strong and positive relationships. We aim to provide an outstanding education, with a curriculum that is broad, balanced, inspiring and inclusive for all pupils; giving them an incisive advantage throughout their lives, both in the workplace and in the wider community.

Our core values of ‘Collaboration, Aspiration, Respect, Equality and Responsibility’ enable pupils to be ‘dedicated to learning as the foundation for life’. These values are reflected in all elements of our curriculum and embedded in the rationale for curriculum choices offered at all Key Stages.

Pupils are prepared for adult life by:

  • being enabled to play an active role in their school and community;
  • having the foundations for culturally rich and diverse lives;
  • modelling, developing and sustaining a range of enriching relationships;
  • being empowered to think about issues and understand a range of varied opinions.

Covid- 19 Update

During this unprecedented time, we will strive to ensure Holte School pupils continue to receive the full curriculum; we will not reduce pupils’ curriculum diet and will cater for all pupils when they are in school or working from home. We will continue to ensure pupils receive specialist provision, through carefully planned resources and teacher support.


At Holte School, pupils learn in a safe, supportive environment where they develop the confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills to be effective learners and become active, purposeful and responsible citizens of the future. Pupils are equipped for their futures in a rapidly-changing world, recognising the importance of communication for dialogue and understanding. We value, celebrate and build on pupils’ religious and cultural heritage and encourage mutual respect for those with different faiths and beliefs.

All pupils are given the opportunity to learn the benefits of physically and emotionally healthy lifestyles, by participating in high quality Personal, Social and Health Education, including sex and relationships education, through a discrete PSHE programme. These discrete sessions are supported and complemented by a wealth of enrichment activities and the school's comprehensive system of pastoral support. PSHE is one way in which we support the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils and promote fundamental British values.

We follow the school’s Safeguarding Policy in full at all times (please see ‘Safeguarding Policy’).

Knowledge and Skills

The curriculum promotes learning through enquiry-led approaches that develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to succeed in both academic requirements and life in a modern, globalised world.

At Holte School, we consider literacy and mathematics to be life skills. Literacy is a proficiency that is developed not just in English, but across the whole curriculum. It involves learners having the confidence to read, write, speak and listen competently and clearly. As pupils progress through school and engage with subject areas more deeply, concepts become more challenging. Pupils learn writing and reading strategies- using evidence and reasoning pertinent to each subject area- to comprehend, represent, and further develop knowledge.

Similarly, mathematical skills are also developed across the whole curriculum. This involves learners having the confidence and competence to use numbers and measures effectively. It requires an understanding of the number system, recalling mathematical techniques, and an ability to solve problems in a variety of contexts. A practical understanding of graphs, charts, tables and diagrams is an important aspect of numeracy.


Various assessment methods are used at Holte School to identify an individual pupil’s strengths and areas for development; to assist in identifying the need for intervention; and to help track progress over time. In addition, assessment helps provide information for parents, pupils and teachers on the standards that a pupil has met. Assessment is part of an over-arching strategy which systematically collects data to record pupil progress. All departments have an assessment scheme tailored to the requirements of their subject, which reflects and supports whole school assessment expectations.

Covid – 19 Update

Assessment will be used in a variety of styles, to support pupils in their educational recovery following lockdown and as part of ongoing teaching and learning systems. We are aware that pupils are having to learn both on-site and at home and that for some this proves very difficult. We will continue to develop retrieval practices to support learning in all of its forms and remove the pressure of ongoing assessment mechanisms.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, all students follow the National Curriculum by studying English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Geography, History, ICT, Languages (French and Spanish), Performing Arts (Music and Drama), Physical Education, Religious Education and Technology. The Key Stage 3 curriculum develops a strong foundation for these subject areas, strengthening skills and building knowledge required for further study, whilst striving to develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning.

Covid-19 Update

Key Stage 3 pupils will engage in a recovery curriculum where subject leaders have evaluated which areas will need to be revisited to strengthen skills and broaden knowledge.

Please refer to individual subject pages for more information

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Key Stage 4 is introduced in Year 9. Our Pathways process is based on the interests, abilities and aptitude of pupils and they are supported at an individual level to help them choose the subjects that are right for them. We offer a range of GCSE and Vocational qualifications. All pupils study English, mathematics, science and religious education. In addition, all pupils take part in timetabled physical education.

Covid – 19 Update

Year 9 will continue with a recover curriculum to ensure they have completed the National Curriculum before embarking on their introduction to Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Pupils are offered a varied diet of academic A Levels and Vocational qualifications that cater for Level 3 needs, challenging and spurring pupils to compete for places at Russell Group Universities and for Apprenticeships. Courses are available in a wide range of subjects and guidance is given in helping pupils to choose the subjects that are right for them and their future plans. To further develop key skills, pupils will also be offered Core Mathematics or Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Year 12, with the intention to support and complement pupil’s chosen courses.

More information about the subject content delivered at all Key Stages and a full list of Key Stage 4 and 5 courses, can be found in the Curriculum section of the school’s website.

Careers Education

Pupils access impartial careers information and advice that inspires and motivates them to fulfil their potential. In addition, the PSHE and Citizenship programmes offer a valuable insight into the wide ranging options available to pupils after school, allowing them to develop personalised career goals.

More information on can be found on the website under the ‘Careers’ tab

Sustainability across the Curriculum

‘Sustainable development’ means that as a society we have to live within the means of our natural resources, respect our environment, act on climate change, and work collectively towards an improved quality of life for our communities. At Holte School we consider sustainability to be important on three fronts;

  1. Caring for people, places and the environment.
  2. Educating pupils to understand the impact they can have on the world around us.
  3. Working with the community to ensure a better future for all.

Sustainability is addressed both through the curriculum and via a wide range of non-curriculum tasks. Many subjects have elements of sustainability within their schemes of work and alongside that pupils take part in assemblies, SEAL activities, themed weeks and recycling schemes. This approach to sustainability has led to us being awarded Birmingham Sustainable School Statusthe Eco-Schools Silver Award, the Costa Green Awareness Award and the RHS Level 2 Gardening Award.

Curriculum Enrichment

The curriculum is enhanced and enriched in a variety of ways, offering support and challenge via a range of subject-linked opportunities and extra-curricular activities. Many educational visits take place throughout the year and visitors bring expert knowledge through projects, workshops and performances. There are a number of clubs and groups that pupils can choose to engage with in order to gain additional experiences and opportunities in wider curriculum areas.

Covid-19 Update

Curriculum enrichment has been limited by various Covid-19 restrictions. Due to the limited movement around school, the phased start and end times and the reduced lunch time, on-site clubs are currently suspended. Due to the wider national issues, all off-site trips are currently suspended. We aim to bring them back for pupils as soon as it is safe to do so and in line with national guidance. In the meantime we will maintain in-class enrichment opportunities wherever possible and continue to offer both cross-curricular and ‘stretch’ opportunities as part of on-site and remote provision.

More information on can be found on the website under the ‘Curriculum Enrichment’ tab and within the various subject specific website pages.

For further details on any curriculum issues, please contact the Deputy Headteacher- Curriculum.




We take every opportunity to ensure that our school’s Safeguarding Policy is adhered to in full at all times.



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Online Safety At Home support for parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. For access to fortnightly home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.






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Resources for pupils

On Monday 20th April 2020, Bitesize will be launching daily lessons for a range of subjects. There will be updated articles, videos and practice tests for pupils to complete, as well as podcasts on BBC Sounds and 20 minute shows on BBC iPlayer. Bitesize state there will be content available for a wide range of abilities. Guidance for parents can be found on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please see the following link for further details:



Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people. Kooth, is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use.  Click the image below for more information. 



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