Important Dates  

Citizenship Day: Thursday 27th February

Year 9 Parents Evening: Thursday 3rd April

Teacher Training Day: Friday 11th April


After School Classes/Clubs  

Homework Space Yr10: Thursdays 15:15-16:15

Homework Club Yr 9: Thursdays 15:20-16:30 in N104

Year 13 A-level Mathematics Mechanics  Extension Group: Mondays 15.20 - 16.30 in N106

Health and Social Care Study Club Yrs 10,11,12 and 13: Wednesdays 15:10-16:15 in the Library

Year 11 GCSE Class: Mondays 15:15 - 16:00 in E007

Band Rehearsals: Wednesdays and Fridays 15:15-16:00 in E Cluster

Vocal Group: Thursdays 15:15-16:00 in E005

Year 13 Media Coursework Group: Wednesdays 15.10 - 16.30 in K107

Badminton club U.14/U.16: Monday 3.10-4.45

Badminton club U.16: Thursday 3.10-4.45 .

Girls Badminton: Wednesdays 15:20-16:30 in the Sports Hall

6th Form Football: Fridays 15:10 - 16:30 on the Astro turf

Table tennis club: Monday and Friday 3.10-5.00 p.m.


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Revision Classes

Below is a timetable of the revision sessions which subject teachers are putting on every day.



After School


Monday   Lunchtime





Drama Media   Science

Tuesday lunchtime


History Sources




Wednesday lunchtime 12:30-1:00






 History Maths


(Computer Exam)

H&S Care

Thursday lunchtime


Geography Skills




 RE Geography    French







 Geography Drama   Science


Key Stage 4 and 5 Revision Programme Easter 2014


 Day Year Group  Subject  Staff  Room

Monday 14th April

10am- 1pm



11 History EMJ,SAB C009,C010
Drama NJM,CAS E Cluster
Business Studies GCSE SRD N107

Business Studies BTEC

GC N104
12 History ANO C008
12 & 13 Revision   LRC

Tuesday 15th April

10am - 1pm

11   History EMJ,JMJ  C009,C010
Performing Arts CAS,NJM  E Cluster
Media SJH  N Cluster
12 History ANO  C008
13 Geography (All day) JRP,LAW  London Trip
12 & 13 Revision     LRC

Wednesday 16th April

10am - 1pm    

11    MFL  RAZ N109 
Physics Set 1  MIJ  M106 
Technology  KJA  G013 
12 Geography  KEN  C006 
12 & 13  Revision    LRC 

Thursday 17th April

10am - 1pm    

11     Biology Set 1  CAT  M106 
Health and Social Care  KKS  N107 
Technology  KJA  G013 
PE Btec  GCH  N103
12 & 13  Maths  VKS  N106 
12 & 13  Revision    LRC 

Tuesday 22nd April   

10am - 1pm  

11    Science Core  CEE  M107 
Science Additional  NAS  M110 
ICT  SAS,FEK  C005,C008 
13 Business Studies (extended to 3pm)  SIS  N105 
12 & 13  Revision    LRC 

Wednesday 23rd April     

10am - 1pm 

11    History  CRB,SAB  C009,C010 
Business Studies GCSE  MJP  N104 
Maths GCSE (Higher)  SUW  N106 
13  Business Studies (Extended to 3pm)  SIS  N105 
12 & 13  Revision    LRC 

Thursday 24th April  

10am - 1pm  

 11   Science Core  CEE  M107 
Science Additional NAS  M110 
Chemistry Set 1  SA  M106 
12 & 13  Revision    LRC 

Friday 25th April

10am - 1pm     

11 English  GPE  K103 
12 English  YAS  K102 
12 & 13  Maths  VKS  N106 
12 & 13  Revision    LRC 

Holte School is Outstanding

Ofsted praise for Birmingham school where 90% of kids speak English as second language by Kat Keogh, Birmingham Mail Oct 12 2012
holte pupils

IT’S the Birmingham school where nine out of ten kids speak English as a second language.

Yet language is no barrier to success at the Holte School in Lozells, which has been named one of Birmingham’s best schools after getting a glowing Ofsted report.

The 1,150-pupil secondary school retained its ‘outstanding’ tag under tough new inspection rules after a visit by the Government watchdog two weeks ago.

Nearly 90 per cent of pupils speak a different language as their mother tongue – compared to the national average of just 12 per cent. The vast majority of children hail from Bengali, Pakistani or Somali backgrounds and there are just eight white pupils at the school.

Head teacher Pat Walters put the school’s success down to the hard work of staff, students, parents and governors.

She said: “We have a fantastic community here and are so proud to be outstanding. Lozells does get a bad press, so an Ofsted report like this goes a long way.

“We may be up there among some of the most deprived schools in the country, but our pupils love coming to school and value education.’’ She added: “The school has changed as Birmingham has changed. Read more


Holte Visual and Performing Arts Holte school badge


Welcome to Holte Visual and Performing Arts College.   If there is anything further you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us, as we believe strongly in open communication.  At Holte we care deeply for our pupils, our primary concern is their safety and well-being. The pupils are the focus of all our efforts. Parents and carers should know that we value each child equally. We constantly work to ensure that pupil motivation is maintained at all times. We require pupils to promote the school through excellent attendance, punctuality, behaviour and smart uniform. By working hard together to achieve targets that stretch them, our pupils are able to realise outstanding goals. Through encouraging one another the school has developed an ethos which builds success. The community we serve is blessed with a rich diversity of languages, cultures and faiths. It is a credit to the school that, together, we learn how to embrace and respect each others’ identity. Above all we are a community school developing our learning programmes to meet the needs of all pupils. We recognise that we are preparing our pupils for the world of further study, employment and adulthood. Achievement at Holte is broad. Whether through our extensive arts or sports programmes we expect all pupils to contribute to the wider life of the school. We aim to equip our pupils to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society, aware of the opportunities available to them.


Headteacher: Mrs P Walters




Ofsted Outstanding  


IQM Centre of Excellence  


Holte School          Lozells School




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